Solving the Puzzle of Food Industry Challenges

ViewTrak's innovative products count, manage, process or grade millions of head of livestock annually to solve the everyday challenges of:

  • Farmers and Ranchers
  • Auction Markets
  • Feedlots
  • Packers and Processors

To enable them to achieve their goals of:

  • Transparency and Safety in the Food Supply
  • Improved Viability for Food Producers
  • Reduction of Waste and Inefficiencies
  • Complete Traceability

ViewTrak became the global leader in Livestock Information Technology through the development of hardware and software solutions to serve all sectors of the livestock industry. Over the years, ViewTrak has developed, acquired or partnered with existing and emerging technologies and companies to develop, collect and utilize information, to enable food supply chain stakeholders to capture data and provide value far beyond what has been historically available.

Whether working with Farmers and Ranchers, Auction Markets, Feedlots, Packers and Processors or Governments, the ViewTrak Team of dedicated individuals share a deep commitment to creating tools that help the livestock industry achieve higher values and increased profitability.


Farmers & Ranchers

  • Cattle Management Software that is simple to set up, easy to use and saves time and money!

  • Bovitrak/Beeftrak

Auction Marts


Packers & Processors